Persistence pays off,
and experience wins cases.

Persistence pays off,
and experience wins cases.

Nathan Swanson’s Case Results

From the high-profile Russell Faria acquittal featured on Dateline NBC, to the representation of Supermax prison inmates, attorney Nathan Swanson has an impressive track record. He’s won numerous criminal defense and civil cases for a variety of clients, and his reputation as a skillful, formidable appellate attorney is well known in several states.

Nathan Swanson’s Career Highlights

  • State v. Russell Faria – Following a wrongful conviction for murder and armed criminal action, the conviction was overturned, and the client was acquitted at his second trial.
  • S***** v. Director of Revenue – Developed a successful argument that all breath test machines in Missouri were improperly calibrated, and that all blood alcohol content results should be dismissed.
  • State v. S**** – Client had previously been charged with assault in the first degree and armed criminal action. Following a three-day jury trial, the client was acquitted.
  • State v. S****** – Client previously had been charged with violations of sex offender restrictions. A motion to dismiss was granted.
  • People v. B*** – Client’s petition for post-conviction relief had been dismissed previously. Nathan Swanson fought successfully to get the dismissal reversed, and the case was remanded for further proceedings.
  • People v. H****** – Client previously had been convicted for illegally carrying a concealed weapon. Nathan Swanson got the conviction overturned on constitutional grounds.

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When your future is at stake, don’t gamble on an inexperienced lawyer. Choose a well-respected attorney with proven results of winning cases for his clients. Nathan Swanson is a seasoned professional who will invest the time, energy and attention it takes to best represent your case.

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