Hardworking, experienced
and adept at winning
the toughest cases.

Hardworking, experienced
and adept at winning
the toughest cases.

Attorney Nathan Swanson’s Appellate Case Process

Facing criminal charges or appealing a criminal or civil case may seem daunting, but do not worry. You and your loved ones are in good hands with highly experienced criminal defense and appellate attorney Nathan Swanson. His knowledge and confidence will put you and your loved ones at ease knowing he’s among the best St. Louis appeal and criminal defense attorneys for the job. He makes the process of working with him simple and straightforward.

Working with Attorney Nathan Swanson

When you first engage Nathan Swanson, he’ll sit down with you for a complimentary consultation to discuss your case. Whether you’re, or your loved one is, contacting him for criminal defense or an appeal, he’ll explain what to expect and how long things typically take. He’ll answer your questions and help you or your loved one understand the next steps.

Once you hire Nathan Swanson to represent you or your loved one, he’ll take a deeper dive into the case. He’ll conduct thorough interviews and collect every fact and piece of information he can find, including transcripts, court files, exhibits, witness statements and case law. He’ll explain complicated legal concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

Understanding the Appeal Process

An appellate case is very different from a criminal trial. An appeal is very research- and writing-intensive, which is where Nathan Swanson excels. He’ll go over court transcripts, filings, motions and discovery with a fine-tooth comb until he sees exactly what went wrong at trial.

After analyzing the data and discussing the details with you or your loved one, he’ll determine the grounds for appeal and then draft and file the brief. After the opposing party files its brief, Nathan Swanson will file a reply brief, challenging their arguments. Finally, the case will go to a panel of the higher courts for oral arguments—an area he loves and is very good at. His academic background and decade of experience make Nathan Swanson a highly sought-after appellate attorney.

In a criminal appeal, it is often the family of a loved one who first reaches out because their loved one is incarcerated. After speaking with the family, Nathan Swanson will visit the incarcerated person to better understand their case. This step in the process often brings a sense of hope to the incarcerated person and their loved ones. After all, an appeal is your first, and often only, chance to overturn an erroneous decision. Nathan Swanson can walk you through every step with confidence.

Proficient and Responsive

Nathan Swanson’s clients have described him as “beyond proficient” throughout the entire process, and “readily available” and “extremely responsive” whenever they had questions or concerns. He keeps his clients up to date with reminders and ongoing communications. He makes things as stress-free as possible for his clients while they go through an otherwise stressful time in their lives.

Contact Attorney Nathan Swanson

To get started working with Nathan Swanson, simply complete the form below. Once you provide your contact information, we will reach out to you to schedule a one-hour, complimentary consultation. If you are, or a loved one is, facing criminal charges or considering appealing a criminal or civil case, don’t hesitate. Contact Nathan Swanson today.

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