You need an experienced
criminal appellate attorney
on your side.

You need an experienced
criminal appellate attorney
on your side.

Criminal Defense Appeals

If you or a loved one have been convicted of a crime, a criminal defense appeal is your chance for a higher court to review the case, and potentially reverse the lower court’s decision. If you intend to appeal a conviction or sentence, you must act swiftly. You and your loved one may only have ten days after the judgement is entered to file your notice of appeal. That’s when you need experienced criminal defense appellate attorney Nathan Swanson on your side.

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How Nathan Swanson Can Help

Through intensive research, writing and ingenuity, Nathan Swanson will pursue every possibility to get you, or your loved one, released from prison or reduce your financial liability. He has a track record of helping exonerate innocent citizens who were wrongfully convicted or unfairly sentenced. He knows how to navigate criminal defense appeals including:

  • State Court Appeals
  • Federal Appeals
  • Supreme Court Appeals
  • Post-Conviction Relief
  • Federal Habeas Corpus

Many Routes to Justice

You or your loved one have a constitutional right to appeal a criminal conviction, for many reasons and at many stages. Whether you want to challenge an error committed by the judge at trial, or a trial attorney did not do a good job of representing you or your loved one, you deserve a new opportunity. That’s where star appellate attorney Nathan Swanson comes in. He can guide you to the best course of action.

  • Direct Appeal: This is how to raise claims of trial errors, including improper jury instructions, improper admission or exclusion of evidence, improper arguments made by the prosecution, or insufficient evidence to convict. This can extend all the way to the United States Supreme Court.
  • Motion for Post-Conviction Relief: If your direct appeal was unsuccessful, you still have another chance. You can file a motion for post-conviction relief. This is especially critical if you or your loved one had ineffective assistance of trial lawyers or previous appellate counsel.

Building Solid Appeals for Criminal Defense

As a top-rated criminal appellate lawyer, Nathan Swanson has extensive experience representing defendants accused of crimes involving:

  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Trafficking
  • Fraud
  • Federal offenses
  • Narcotics
  • Conspiracy

Being convicted of a serious crime can change the trajectory of your or your loved one’s life. But an appeal can provide radical relief from a prison sentence, criminal record or financial liability. Count on appellate attorney Nathan Swanson to help you or your loved one find relief through a well-structured appeal.

Defending a Position on a Criminal Defense Appeal

While a prosecutor cannot appeal a finding of “not guilty,” they can appeal some rulings—such as when a judge suppresses evidence as part of an illegal search, or dismisses a charge. If you and your loved one need to defend an existing judgement, then Nathan Swanson has the experience to argue in favor of upholding the court’s original decision.

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At the end of a trial, when a criminal conviction is handed down, it feels like everything happened so fast. You or your loved one may be reeling from shock, or wondering what to do next. Now is the time to contact Nathan Swanson. He’ll propose your best shot at an appeal. Reach out now for a no-cost consultation.

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