We’ll guide you through the
often-complicated civil appeals
process with ease.

We’ll guide you through the often-complicated civil appeals process with ease.

Civil Appeals

All hope is not lost after you’ve lost a case in civil court. You can challenge the court’s decision through a civil appeal. It’s the best way to ask a higher court to review the case and determine if the judge applied the law correctly. But time is of the essence, and so is experience. Highly experienced appellate attorney Nathan Swanson can guide you through the often-complicated civil appeals process with ease.

Types of Civil Appeals

Attorney Nathan Swanson can package and present your civil appeal in the best light possible. He has extensive experience representing civil appeals involving:

  • Securities litigation
  • Real estate
  • Probate and estate administration
  • Banking and finance
  • Employment law
  • Personal injury

Losing a civil suit can have serious financial consequences. But an appeal can provide radical relief from financial liability. Count on Nathan Swanson to help you find relief through a well-structured civil appeal.

When to File an Appeal

If you disagree with the decision reached during your civil case, then you typically have 10 days from the time the judgment is entered to file a notice of appeal. This would be appropriate if you want to challenge an error committed by the judge in your civil case. On your behalf, Nathan Swanson can file a direct appeal to raise claims of trial errors, including improper admission or exclusion of evidence, improper arguments made by the prosecution, or insufficient evidence. This can extend all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Building Solid Civil Appeals

Nathan Swanson applies his deep experience in appellate law and his academic training to conduct thorough research of your civil case. Through skillful writing and ingenuity, he constructs a convincing appellate brief. He will pursue every possibility to get a lower court’s decision overturned, or to defend your position on a favorable decision. He’ll do all he can to ultimately help reduce your financial liability and clear your name. He knows how to navigate civil appeals including:

  • State Court Appeals
  • Federal Appeals
  • Supreme Court Appeals

Defending a Position on a Civil Appeal

Let’s say you won your case in civil court, but the opposing party wants to appeal the decision to a higher court to get the ruling overturned. Or, even if the ruling came out in your favor, maybe there are portions of the law or decisions of the court that were applied incorrectly. In these instances, you need attorney Nathan Swanson to defend an appeal or file a cross-appeal.

Contact Nathan Swanson

If you’re considering appealing your civil case, don’t wait! There is no time to waste. Or, if you had a successful outcome at trial but the other party is appealing the decision, you need to act swiftly. Reach out to a highly experienced attorney who knows how to navigate the appellate process. Contact attorney Nathan Swanson today for a free consultation.

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