Why You Need
An Appeal Lawyer

Why You Need An Appeal Lawyer

Why You Need An Appellate Attorney

An appeal is very different from a trial, and requires a very different lawyer from a trial lawyer. Just because an attorney represented you at your trial, does not mean the same attorney should represent you during your appeal. Learn what makes an appellate lawyer unique, and why Nathan Swanson is a top appellate attorney. See why you need appeal attorney Nathan Swanson.

Grounds for an Appeal

Some of the most common grounds for appeal include improperly excluding evidence, allowing inadmissible evidence, incorrect jury instructions, sentencing errors, false arrest, juror misconduct, ineffective legal counsel, and more. In fact, mistakes and errors are quite common in trials, but must be properly argued and presented. Experienced appellate attorney Nathan Swanson is especially gifted at spotting grounds for appeal.
Learn more about grounds for appeal. 

What Is an Appeal, and How Does It Work?

An appeal is a way to challenge a conviction. It’s a process for having a case reviewed and a chance to request a formal change to an official decision. Appeals can be both a process for error correction and a way to clarify and interpret the law—but they are not a retrial. If you want to appeal a case—or uphold an existing decision that is being challenged by another party—then work with winning appellate lawyer Nathan Swanson. He understands the appeals process and knows how to help you or a loved one find relief from a conviction.
Learn what an appeal is and how it works. 

Contact Nathan Swanson for a No-Cost Consultation

If you feel you’ve, or a loved one has, been wrongfully convicted, or you want to challenge a court’s decision, then it’s time to file an appeal. Or if you want to defend a position on an appeal, then you need an experienced appellate attorney on our side. Request a complimentary, one-hour consultation today with top appellate attorney Nathan Swanson. He’ll meet with you to understand your case and determine your grounds for appeal. But don’t wait—the clock is ticking on filing your appeal. Contact Nathan Swanson today.

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