The experience, skill and
attention you need to
build a solid case.

The experience, skill and
attention you need to
build a solid case.

Why You Need an Appellate Attorney

An appellate lawyer is a different type of attorney with a unique skill set. You wouldn’t expect your family doctor to perform brain surgery. Nor should you necessarily expect your or your loved one’s trial lawyer to prosecute an appeal. Instead, you need an appellate lawyer—top-rated appellate lawyer Nathan Swanson—to give a civil or criminal appeal the best possible shot at success.

What Makes an Appellate Attorney Different from Other Attorneys?

Appellate law is very research- and writing-intensive compared with trial law. An appeal is not a retrial or a “do-over.” It is a review of what already happened at trial. Usually, new evidence is not presented on appeal, and witnesses do not testify. The whole goal of an appeal is to review a trial court’s decisions and prove there were errors that resulted in an unfair outcome. The proceedings are mostly on paper.

That’s where you really get down to the letter of the law. Appellate briefs are the most critical piece of the appeals process. Appellate briefs are formal, bound, written documents—and they can be anything but “brief.” They contain all the legal arguments your appellate attorney is making on your or your loved one’s behalf, and they will make or break the case. That’s why it’s crucial to hire an experienced appeal attorney who specializes in writing compelling, convincing appellate briefs.

The appeals process involves many complexities and nuances that would escape the average lawyer. Only a highly attuned, experienced appellate attorney can pick up on the little things. These little things become the big things that build a solid appeal.

Why You Need Appellate Attorney Nathan Swanson

Award-winning appellate attorney Nathan Swanson has built his reputation on winning appeals for his clients, including the high-profile Russell Faria appeal featured on Dateline NBC. Nathan Swanson does this through due diligence, careful investigation and a deep understanding of appellate law and criminal defense.

Having earned a law degree and a master’s with merit, Nathan Swanson has the academic discipline to conduct thorough research and write persuasive briefs. He scours the record—court files, trial transcripts, exhibits and case law—leaving no stone unturned until he determines the strongest grounds for your or your loved one’s appeal.

In-demand appellate attorney Nathan Swanson creates iron-clad briefs that win appeals for his clients. He’s highly skilled in both written and oral arguments, and he has the ingenuity to think outside the box. He’s known for convincing panels of appellate judges to see things differently and side with his clients. He understands how to appeal to their logic and intellect, while ensuring his appeals are legally sound.

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